First time in the Gym

If you are about to or have recently experienced your first time in a gym have no fear! There is always a first for everything and already you are that much closer to achieving your goals. I remember my first time in the gym... Learn from my mistakes, are you ready? I was totally unprepared. I had no idea what I was walking into. Honestly, the only reason I ever I decided to go to the gym was because I was PAYING FOR IT with my collage tuition. It was the student REC center. Right away I was intrigued by all the beautiful new weight and cardio machines they had. I was familiar with the cardio machines and some of the weight training machines that we used to use in my high school weights class but, I was not confident to give them a try. I was also afraid of getting in someones way or disturbing their workout, so I decided I would hop on the treadmill and observe all the gym junkies around me. Of course, I HAD to go at during the most busiest time in the gym, however seeing all the beautiful fit people around me motivated me to come back better next time! I have felt down many times along my fitness journey, but I have never given up. To this day I push myself to new levels and test my bodies capabilities. Back then at that time I NEVER would have dreamed to be where I am today.

If you're feeling discouraged or unsure how to accomplish your goals, you are not alone. We have all had to learn from scratch and discover what works best for our bodies. So if you are ready to take the next step in your fitness journey and start achieving new goals do it now and do it with all your heart. If you are planning to get a gym membership, maybe start somewhere you know other members of the gym. Ask them to show you around. Ask a trainer or someone at the front desk for help! Besides, THATS THEIR JOB! Have a plan: write down things you would like to do during your first day at the gym. If you need help with that, I would be very happy to write you a custom workout plan tailored to you! Pick a time to go to the gym when you know it is not "happy hour!" Trust me, the gym is not the place you want bumpin' like a night club. Go during the day or mid-morning. You will have your own space without and peace of mind. Lastly, get your mind right before you get there. Go with motivation and excitement to spend time bettering YOURSELF. For the time you are there, forget all your stresses and focus completely on you.

Please feel free to share your first gym experience in the comments below! I hope this helps and as always, if you need advice or more fitness information please reach out to me!

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